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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging Fail

Sorry guys... I was having fun and enjoying the outdoors and totally forgot to write anything or basically use my brain at all for the last several days. I've been in Montana since last mom's side of the family lives there, and my parents, my sister and I visit about once a year. It's usually several days of hiking, eating delicious baked goods at the Red Lodge City Bakery, and generally relaxing and enjoying life.

This year I could only make it out for about 4 days because of work, but we still had an excellent time. My sister and I took a 10 mile hike up to Lost Lake in the Beartooth mountains, and went to our favorite bar the Snow Creek Saloon. Last year, we met a woman named Molly ("with an H" explaination of where the H fits into that name) and her bestest bud, who was a girzzled old biker dude with one leg (he lost the other leg in a biking accident....). Not to mention Mark who had maybe the best 'stache I have ever seen in my life (Pictured right: my sister, Mohlly?...Mholly?...Molhly?, Mark, and myself)

As far as yoga... I learned something which is that it's really hard to plan 30-60 minutes for yourself every day when you're on a group schedule. Tuesday morning before I left, I was still pretty wiped out from the night before so I did a slow warmup, some sun salutations and seated twists and stretches. Wednesday was our hike, which took a good chunk of the day, and afterwards I went to dinner with my family and watched a movie, but I spent 30 minutes on hip openers before bed - my hips are my nemesis, they are REALLY tight...all the time...oh well. Thursday was more unscheduled so I practiced "with" Rodney Yee for an hour in the afternoon, outside by the was heaven :) Friday I did a restorative sequence before bed, and Saturday I did a gentle hatha sequence also before bed. This morning I went to class at One Yoga, which I'll write more about tomorrow.

Until then, I need to work on a presentation and get some sleep before ...Monday... :(
Instead of thinking about Monday, I will think about this pretty lake. You should go ahead and do the same:

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