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Friday, February 3, 2012


In terms of my organizational skill level, today started off just below sea-level and went atrociously downhill from there.

It all started when I opened up the computer to check Facebook while I was eating my breakfast.  This was a huge mistake.  Instead of packing my lunch and putting on my shoes like a normal person, I wasted probably fifteen minutes looking at photos and listening to random songs on spotify.  Every song I heard made me think of another one, and pretty soon I was down the musical rabbit hole with no hope of digging my way out in a timely manner.

I'd planned on going to yoga after work today, and somehow had the presence of mind to pack my gear and mat before sitting down with my coffee and oatmeal.  However, in the rush of kenneling Sidney, grabbing my coat and lunch and running out the door, I realized I'd left my bag sitting on the dining room floor.

At that exact moment, I realized that I'd also left my house keys sitting on the kitchen counter.  For the first time in over two years, I had successfuly locked myself out of my own home.  Ben was already on the bus on his way to work, so there was nothing left to do but just drive to the office.

Today also happened to be one of those days where my meetings were all crammed into the morning, so by lunch I was pretty much done with everything that required me to actually be in the building.  Sometimes when this happens on a Friday, I'll head home and set up my office there for the afternoon.  This is great because I can drink tea and pet the dog while I finish up whatever I still need to work on.  Being locked out posed sort of a problem in this regard, so my next option was to head to Bull Run or Butter, set up there and have Ben call me when he was getting off the bus.

Nope.  Not happening  Why?  Because I also forgot my phone.  And, even more importantly, my RSA token which allows remote internet access to my work email, was conveniently sitting on top of my dresser.  AND I forgot my security badge AGAIN.

Pretty standard.

It's nights like this when I'm extra glad wine and frozen pizza exist.


  1. oh no! wine and pizza do help in nearly every situation! :)

  2. I have to say, you get no mockery from me after locking myself out of the house (with the dog in tow, twice in two days back in October)

  3. its just one of those days- you're right, break open the wine!

  4. Look at you all commenting on my blog! Yes I do remember that...I also remember the time you locked yourself out in the middle of the night, and then Johnson called... so I heard voices and opened the front door to find you sitting in the hallway with Sid, freezing cold and on a long-distance call from Ghana. Ahh memories :)


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