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Monday, February 13, 2012

I am the worst Valentine ever

I was going to make you guys cupcakes.  Honestly, I was, but as soon as I stepped out of the office I realized that this cupcake thing was not happening.  For one thing it was snowing.  Also I was missing several key cupcake ingredients, and I was really, really hungry and just wanted dinner. And it's Monday.  So no cupcakes.  Sorry, not sorry.  I already made you a cake, what more do you want from me??

Today was just one of those days.  I waltzed into the office well before 8am, took a look at my calendar and thought "Oh, this doesn't look that bad."  Wrong.  It was that bad.

You know when you have a million tiny tasks that seem insignificant by themselves, but when all smooshed together are like the Everest of task lists.  Out of all the 8,000 things I should have accomplished today, I managed to finish maybe 7,000 of them.  But it was a battle. If I was me, and my projects were Mini, then this was my day:


Don't worry, I'll still give you cupcakes.

Yeah, I know it will be after Valentine's.  And you won't be able to impress your girlfriend with them on special hearts and rainbow-pony-unicorns-day.  But you know what?  Suck it.  

I just don't get Valentine's day.  I don't hate love, I'm an extremely sentimental person and my husband and I are ridiculously sappy together (sorry to all of our friends and family that you have to put up with this).  But...I just don't get Valentine's day.  We do special things for each other on a regular basis.  He buys me flowers for no reason all the time.  I bake him cakes for no reason all the time.  I've got news for you, February 14th: you are just not that special.

So you'll have cupcakes, just not today.  Or tomorrow probably.  But someday, you will get cupcakes.  And they'll have wine in them, because that is how we roll.

Well this has been an incredible waste of your time.  I have no idea why I'm being so belligerent, I apologize.  Happy Valentine's day.

Hold me.

The end.

1 comment:

  1. I like making dorky crafts for people I love all year round, but on v-day it seems more acceptable haha. Make your cupcakes whenever the hell you please!


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