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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a Beautiful Weekend in the Neighborhood...

This weekend, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and Ben and I found ourselves with a surprisingly small number of scheduled activities. As a result, we had a ridiculously relaxing weekend of hanging out, cooking, watching movies and wandering about in our neighborhood. We walked (almost) everywhere which is part of what I love about where I live - just about everything you could possibly want is walkable.

We kicked off the weekend with a Friday night dinner with my dad at one of our favorite spots. My dad loves italian and lucky for me one of his favorite restaurants, Amore Victoria, is only about a mile away from our place!


The food is delicious (they are very selective in using quality ingredients and make most of their own pasta), and the interior really reminds me of a larger version of the cozy, rustic places I ate at in Assisi, Italy.



My dad and I split our usual - the Fettucini Della Nona, a house-made fettucini with tomato cream sauce and seafood. Sometimes we have trouble finishing it but we must have both been extra hungry because we polished it off, along with a glass of Malbec! After dinner we walked home, stopping for coffee and dessert along the way.

Ben and I had planned on going to yoga on Saturday morning, but fate intervened and gave us a flat tire on the way there. So instead, we spent the late morning doing our grocery shopping - walking to two separate stores to get everything we needed. Groceries are the one thing that is slightly less walkable now that we've moved, but at least walking all over town gave us a great workout! Later that afternoon I did a class on YogaGlo to make up for our AM detour, and in the evening we met up with some yoga friends for a screening of The Heart of Transformation, a documentary about Anusara Yoga.

On Sunday we finally made it to the Linden Hills neighborhood to check out Tilia! We've been meaning to go there for weeks but just hadn't gotten around to it. This was actually supposed to be our first week back at choir, but since we missed Wednesday's rehearsal to see Bon Iver at the Orpheum and Ben didn't feel comfortable performing without having learned any of the music, we opted for brunch instead (sorry choir peeps!).


Please ignore the lipgloss marks and enjoy the cute white dishes


Poached eggs with tomatoes, tarragon, parsley, and parmasean cream



Egg Wreckage

There has been a definite shift over the last few years from chains posturing as "neighbohood restaurants" (I'm looking at you, TGIApplechillisdaysbees...) to actual neighborhood restaurants, and Tilia is a great example of that trend. A truly welcoming, laid-back neighborhood gem serving creative and high-quality food. We will definitely be back.

...and as an added bonus, Tilia also happens to be right next door to one of my favorite childhood haunts - the Wild Rumpus bookstore! I can't even tell you how much I loved this place growing up - every outing to the Wild Rumpus was a special treat.


Remember kids: reading is cool

I really love the following series of photos because they perfectly capture my growing lack of comprehension of, and finally rebellion against, Ben's repeated picture-taking after I asked for "one photo with the little door."



Making a new friend




I spent the rest of the afternoon being quite domestic - blogging while drinking tea, cleaning the bathroom, doing some (minimal) work on thank-you notes (yikes...really need to finish those guys...) and making a batch of Deb's Peach Butter. Savoring the last flavors of summer.



Looks like fall weather is setting in tomorrow - time enjoy the warmth 'cause we probably won't see 80 degrees again until June!

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