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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I really planned on doing more honeymoon updates today... but then I made a sandwich. And it was amazing. Epic, even.


You're going to think I am totally weird (which is true) but you have got to trust me. Just like you trusted me when I told you to put 5 eggs into a cake with only 1 tablespoon of did trust me that time right?

Sourdough bread.

Cashew butter.

Goat cheese.



Wait what? You ask. Have you been smoking something? No. Did you make a sandwich with random ingredients pulled out of a hat?? Maybe? ... Actually no, I didn't but now I kind of wish I had. Wouldn't that make a great story? The real story goes more like this:

Two summers ago Ben and I were in Chicago visiting my dear friend Katie, who did a reading at our wedding and is a generally awesome human being. Here is a picture of Katie and me drinking wine:


(We do that a lot)

OK so - we were in Chicago, and we went to this amazing bar called Hopleaf, which had a ridiculous beer list and a really intriguing selection of gastropub-type food. After hearing rave reviews from Katie, I ordered the CB&J - a grilled (well, "fried in lard" is probably a more accurate term) sandwich with cashew butter, fig jam and raclette cheese - and have been on a mission to re-create it ever since.

Unfortunately, the ingredient gods never smiled upon me. I had fig jam and bread, but no cashew butter. I had all three but couldn't find raclette and wasn't sure what would constitute a worthy replacement.

Then, on Tuesday, Ben made me a salad topped with Drunken Goat cheese, blueberries and figs - and as soon as I tasted the Drunken Goat and fig combination, I knew I'd found a winner. Drunken Goat is not like what you would normally think of as "goat cheese" - it is a rinded cheese, much milder but still with a little tang that pairs perfectly with fig.

I do have fig jam in my fridge, but I also have fresh figs and while jam is always around, fresh fruit is not.

Sandwich Spread

Also, instead of frying the sandwiches in an obscene amount of grease, I grilled them on the George Foreman and then spread each sandwich with just a small amount of butter, which still gives you a rich buttery flavor without the unfortunate side effect of feeling like you just ate a rock or several.


When you put anything next to a large pile of greenery, it becomes healthy. Scientific fact.

The photo just doesn't do it justice - as Ben said yesterday after polishing his off in about 2 minutes: "this is a sandwich you have to taste to believe." Such wisdom.

Side note: Epic Sandwich could easily be a breakfast food.

Please make this now. Don't ask questions. Just do it.


  1. I see your sourdough bread, goat cheese, & fig sandwich and raise you my dinner last week: sourdough bread, goat cheese, fig, and prosciuotto sandwich. With, of course, an accompanying pile of greens.

    I'll assume that sound I just heard was your head exploding from all the awesome.

    But please, put your head back together, because it's pretty and I like it.

    (i miss you)

  2. I so love the way you think - prosciutto = genius! I highly recommend the cashew butter too though, it was quite glorious.

    (I miss you too)


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