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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yoga Pet Peeves

Normally I'm not a ranter... OK that's totally false I love a good rant... but anyways, Monday night Yoga class was like all of my yoga studio pet peeves in one place.

1) There are only two bathroom stalls in the locker room. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they're there for. I get that some people are really shy about being seen without clothes on, but please when the locker room is packed and people are going to and from class, just suck it up and change in the changing area, because I really have to pee and my class starts in 1 minute. Seriously... everyone else is changing out in the open. You can too. I promise no one will judge you.

2) Dear couple in back of me - you're in love. I get that. I'm in love too, it's fantastic... but please for the love of god keep the PDA out of the yoga studio. It's super distracting when I'm just trying to stretch out my legs in down dog to have to see you behind me, making out and invading each other's mat space. I assume you have other places to go where you can be all over each other.... so save it for later kthx.

3) If you are so sick that when you breathe it sounds like you are dying, do not come to class. This one should be pretty self explainatory. I don't want to get sick because of you.

So I realized I haven't blogged about my 365 day yoga committment in a while... it's still going. One thing I've noticed is that my yoga mat has pretty much taken up permanent residence on my living room floor. Usually I go to class or practice by myself at home, but a couple of weeks ago, several friends and I went to a cabin for my friend Emily's bachelorette party. My friend Katie is also an avid yogi, so we both brought our mats... and luckily Katie had an extra, so we did an Ashtanga series with Emily, who was a yoga newbie! (Below - Emily, me and Katie enjoying some chocolate peanut butter cake)

School is going quite awesomely... this year is so much less stressful than last year! I'm really enjoying my classes (especially Corporate Strategy), and am loving my extracurricular leadership commitments, too. I'm especially excited for an event on non-profit marketing I'm planning for November.

Fall has definitely arrived in MN. I broke out the fall table runner and bought a little pumpkin that's hanging out on my kitchen table for decoration. Pictures forthcoming :)

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