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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I had such an amazing Birthday weekend last week! My beautiful friend Lindsey was in town from California...arriving just in time for a heavy dumping of snow (sorry Linz!). Luckily she missed the really terrible weather of this past case you don't live in MN here's essentially what happened: it snowed a crap ton, and while it was snowing the weather was relatively warm so it was that delightful wet snow that packs down really easily (as in, when cars drive over it...or people walk on it...etc). Then the temps plummeted again, which meant that now all of the roads that had been covered in wet, packed snow (even highways) were now basically a skating rink. No kidding, I have never seen the roads this bad - the highways were literally coated in 1-2 inches of ice for several days...scariest driving I have probably ever experienced.


Here are some photos from my birthday weekend :) Linz, Ben, Chris and I made cupcakes at our place, then met a bunch of friends for dinner and margaritas at La Cucaracha, and then back to our place for scotch, cupcakes and Cards Against Humanity.

Ben found this pirate hat in the kitchen and then requested that I wear it while baking.
OK. If you insist.

Then we started our own pirate band and kidnapped the Clark

Probably the most stylish I have looked while baking, ever

Linz selfies are my favorite selfies

It was time for a wardrobe change

Post-dinner game time


Face time with J :)

Whisky + CAH = yes


More selfies

More friends

When you've known each other for 13 years....


at the end of the night, the cat sweater comes out

OOOoooook. Well, time to get some SLEEP. Things are about to get very interesting over's gonna be a long next few months haha. I'll fill you in shortly, all good things but man. This year is going to be insane.


  1. happy belated! haha omg the cat sweatshirt is epic! you look hawt in your stripey dress too! excited to hear about the new/exciting stuff coming up :) 2014 is an amazing year already!

  2. That sweatshirt is probably my favorite purchase of 2014. On sale for $19.99 at Urban Outfitters....but its true value is...priceless :)


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