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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A box full of suggestions for your possible heart

Why hello there. Again, no posts for a month after numerous promises to post more often. Sorry about that.

Also the last time I posted, we had thundersnow, and now it's like 95 degrees. Welcome to Minnesota. No one is allowed to complain, because we've all spent the last three months bitching about the persistent cold weather. It is hot now. This is what you wanted. Deal with it.

Hmmm so, what have I been up to? I went to Chicago two weeks ago to see my sis and friends and had a fabulous time. I celebrated two of my dearest friends turning 30 (Tessa and Chris), saw my favorite band Cloud Cult perform at First Ave, and finally went over to the dark side and got an iPhone.
With Kristin in Chicago (and a lovely cameo from Dexter...)

Julianna just wishes she had a hawk to pose with in such a studly manner

Cloud Cult!!

Today when I was cleaning off my desk at work, I came across a pile of documents from last September when I started my new role. They were job aids and other random things I had printed off in an effort to get up to speed, full of scribbles and arrows pointing to different acronyms and terminology, with notes like "WTF is this???!?!" and "what does that mean?!" It just made me laugh because all of this crap is now part of my daily vocabulary, and now I can't remember what it felt like to not know it. It's crazy how much can change in just a few months.

As usual I am pretty lame and boring, but here are a few suggestions of things that are not lame and boring!

Things I am loving currently:
Alt J's album An Awesome Wave
I am very picky about buying full albums. I usually buy just a couple of tracks that I know I'll like, read all the reviews, listen to it on Spotify over and over and weighing whether or not I just want to buy the damn thing. I finally bought An Awesome Wave on iTunes is just that awesome. This is my favorite track:

Moleskine Notebooks
My work technically provides me with free notebooks, but they are the really cheap spiral-bound kind that take up too much room and the pages are always getting snagged on the damn spirals.

Enter molskine notebooks. They are slim, hold up well, and slip easily into my bag next to my computer. Plus, I'm the only one that has them so if I leave one lying around in a conference room somewhere (not that this ever happens, obviously...) it's easy to identify as mine. If it's a choice between free notebooks that suck, and spending $10 on notebooks every 9 months to a year, I'll take the latter.

Yes, that is Hagrid on my desk at work. Don't judge.

Things I am certain I will be loving shortly:
New Neil Gaiman book!!
If the early reviews are any indication, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is going to be fantastic. It comes out in mid-June, and if I can manage to hold off on devouring it immediately I'll probably read it on vacation in July. Cannot wait!

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Hardcover

Star Trek: Into Darkness
If the fact that two of the things I am currently excited about include notebooks and a sci-fi novel didn't clue you in already, I am a big nerd. Like, not in that way that people are like "oh tee hee I'm a nerd because I maybe sometimes read a book" but a real, actual nerd. The kind that wore glasses the size of my face and was teased hardcore all through grade school and middle school. Trust me, I'm not trying to paint a sob story but it is kind of annoying when people are suddenly all "I'M A NERD" like now that it's cool to be a nerd everyone wants to be one....but they have never cried the nerd-tears of 6th grade mockery.

I digress. Anyways, I am pumped for this movie because 1) Star Trek and 2) Benedict Cumberbatch.

Yes, I know this is in spanish but I'm pretty sure you can figure out
that it's a Star Trek poster with Benedict Cumberbatch

New Dessa Album!!
Dessa is a super-talented local musician and writer, and her new album Parts of Speech drops June 25 aka not nearly soon enough. The first single, "Warsaw" is available on iTunes so hopefully that will tide me over until then.

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