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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things I am Loving Lately

We leave for Europe in TWO DAYS!!! By this time next week, we'll be on a train heading from London to York and we will have seen the Harry Potter movie studio tour, the Tower of London, and we'll have celebrated our 2 year anniversary. You guys have no idea how excited I am, partly to see England and Scotland, partly just for the experience of traveling, and partly because this is the first time I have really taken off from work since last August. Let the games begin!

Anyway, here's some shtuff I have been enjoying lately.

Granted, I always enjoy yoga but since diving into Christina Sell's Asana Junkies webinar series I've been getting together with yoga buddies to geek out on a more regular basis. Sometimes we practice for a couple of hours and work our way through the Asana Junkies sequences, sometimes we just at a coffee shop table with Light on Yoga and talk about yoga nerdery, things we've been noticing in the yoga community, and our pets. Plus I've been exploring new classes, styles and studios, stretching a little outside my comfort zone more than just physically :)

LoY and Lattes - an unbeatable combination

Snapping a photo for posterity at one of our weekend practice sessions
 In a related story, Lululemon needs to stop making so many stripey tops in such awesome colors. Stripey tops are my downfall, my clothing budget does not appreciate you right now lululemon.


Vegetarian sushi from Whole Foods
It's kind of pricey ($7 for a roll? blah) so I only buy it once a week or so but damn are those purple yam rolls tasty. Maybe my new favorite lunch splurge...ok it might not sound like a splurge but I usually pack my lunch, and even if I forget to do so the caf at work is subsidized and my lunch usually costs less than $4. So $7 feels like a lot but it is sooo worth it every once in a while.

Minneapolis Summers!
I really love summer in the Twin Cities - nothing beats an evening walk around Lake Calhoun on a perfect night. Every year around late February/early March I start to question why I still live here...and then in June and July I remember. Don't get me wrong, each of our seasons has its own beauty but winter starts to get old after a few months. The other day when I was running through our neighborhood a got a huge hit of Lilac, reminding me to enjoy this weather while it lasts.

will never move
Hmm I think that about does it for today! I have not even started packing, and we're going to two Twins games over the next two days, plus a BBQ with friends tomorrow so it will be an action-packed couple of days. I'm also working on Friday (from home) but since literally my entire team is on vacation it should be pretty low-key.

Happy 4th, enjoy the holiday!


  1. i've always wanted to go to london town! jealous!! happy anni and hey...if buying yoga tops gets you to do more yoga then so be it right? girllllll you are looking GOOD!

    1. Haha I know right?! It's even more true with running, for me. Yoga I would probably do just as much anyways, but new running gear is definitely a motivation to get off my ass :)

      I'm sure you'll make it to London someday! So many places in the world, so little time/PTO/money though...


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