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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Recap Part 1!

Happy 2013 everyone!  Right now, I'm curled up on my couch with a cupcake, my dog and some cheesy TV shows while Ben is out with co-workers and I have a rare night to myself.  I guess I have a lot to catch up on, since apparently I haven't blogged in over a month...oops...

Without further we go!

A few weeks ago, we have our first snowfall of the season and it was a doozy - at least a foot and a half of white stuff covering the ground, keeping the riff raff off the streets.  Well, most of the riff raff at least.  Ben and I decided to take Sidney out for a walk in the middle of the blizzard, and Sidney in the snow is always entertaining.  Observe:

Pleaz for 2 run??

Rabbit ears :)


The weekend of the 15th, my parents and I flew to Chicago to visit my sister as she finished up her first semester of grad school!  We had three days of fun galavanting about the city, and I even got to see a few old friends.  I met up with my friend Katie and some of her Chicago friends for dinner at Owen and Engine, where I had a scotch and the greatest hamburger of my life.

Afterwards, we went to see The Hobbit starring my fave Martin Freeman!  Unfortunately, the movie didn't quite live up to my *extremely* high expectations.  I won't go into too much detail because I have an entire blog post planned on the subject, but for now I'll just say that even though I love Martin Freeman, and I love LOTR, The Hobbit had some serious flaws.  But it was still enjoyable and we had a great time!

Dinner after arriving in the city

Chicago Christmas Market!

Also Christmas Market

Dinner with the fam at the Walnut Room

Owen and Engine - where I had dinner with Katie and some of her Chicago friends.
HIGHLY recommended.
Obviously I ordered a scotch.
The Hobbit!  Yay Martin Freeman

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is the arrival of out of town friends!  My friend Ellen flew home from Stanford for Christmas and we got to spend some quality time catching up and watching Harry Potter movies.  We also attended a fun party at Tessa's parents' house - last year my camera erased all of my pics from Tessa's party, forcing me to recreate them using stick figures, but this year I have actual photos!
Julianna, me and El - slightly blurry

Also, this happened
Delicious treats

friendly friends

Lovely cookies from Patisserie 46

Yay friends

Well, I'll leave it there for now and hopefully do some more catching up in a couple of days.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday(s)!


  1. omg your dog! so cute!!! love the snow bounding haha. those christmas star lights at the market are so lovely, i kinda want them in my house :)

    i take it that waiting to see the hobbit on netflix is an ok thing then? i've been getting peer pressured at les mis---i have tickets to see it on the stage in pittsburgh later this month so maybe i'll see the movie after?

    thanks for the note on my blog, it def helps when other people can understand how hard it is to let your labor of love go back on a shelf. i feel like i'm grieving a death?!

    1. Aw you're welcome. It totally is a grieving process, especially when it's close to your heart. But, you guys are still doing such worthwhile and inspiring work!

  2. I love your snowy photos! we took some too that day. Happy New Year!


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