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Monday, July 16, 2012

Where are you from?

Total dork that I am, I love anything dealing with data and stuff.  The BBC has a calculator that tells you where your height and weight fall on a global scale, based on information pulled together by a team of researchers at the London School of Hygeine.  Put in your information and you can see where you are compared to your national average, the global average, and which country you are most similar to based on your age group.  Fascenating!

Let it be known though that I do think BMI is a total crock - it was meant to assess populations, not individuals, and the fact that we are using it to gague our own personal health is just ridiculous.  That being said, it is interesting to look at the country rankings - the US is unsurprisingly among the highest, but it is topped by Micronesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, and surprisingly Kuwait?  I have a friend who lived in Kuwait for several years...I'll have to ask her about that.

Anyways it's fun nerdy times.  Here's the link:

Also I planned to have a recipe as my next post but I keep leaving the photos at home.  Wah wah wah... this is why I haven't blogged in like a week.  I keep meaning to post this damn recipe and then forgetting the photos.  So instead I will post random photos that have no point whatsoever, and then post the recipe in a couple of days.  Win win?

Mini's first experience with catnip



Some lovin' for Sidney, too

This is what happens when you walk home from your friend's house at 11pm, despite a weather forecast that calls for immenent thunderstorms.  Oops.

...Happy Monday!

Funny Workplace Ecard: May your Monday be as swift and merciful as an execution.


  1. Hmm, I guess I'm most like someone from Vietnam. Fun scale/ infographic!

    1. Haha me too! Fine with me, I'll take it as an excuse to eat more Pho ;)

  2. Caaaaaats. You would have fit right in at the cat show my friend ;)
    According to that calculator, I am most like someone from Canada! Sounds about right, since I am from the true north strong and free. But I am definitely higher than the world average. Also sound about right.

    1. Anytime cats are involved I am guaranteed to fit right in :) How awesome that you are most similar to the place you're actually from!

  3. I'd fit right in with a crowd of I wouldn't. (Nice to note that I'm pretty close to India too, probably why it was so easy for me to serpentine through crowds back in Delhi!)

    1. Haha...I'm reminded of your "spot the obroni!" photo from Ghana where you are taller and pastier than everyone.

    2. Also noted that I would in no way fit right in with a crowd of Vietnamese...


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