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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Year

Exactly 367 days ago (it was a leap year, plus I'm a day late anyways), this happened:


I subsequently became the luckiest woman on the planet.  One of my friends at work told me that the first year of marriage is supposedly the hardest.  All I can say is, if that's true we are going to have a pretty damn amazing life.  This past year has been wonderful.

To celebrate one year of being legally bound - during which we both started new jobs, acquired two pets, and moved across the city - we returned to the scene of the crime (aka our wedding reception) for dinner in downtown St. Paul.  We ate and drank at the Saint Paul Grill, which is located in the Saint Paul Hotel where we, our families and bridal party spent the night after the wedding.  After dinner we took a stroll through Rice Park and past the James J Hill Reference Library, and then headed home for cupcakes from our vendor Cup-Cake.  It was a lovely, romantic and fun evening.

Anyway, I'm in the sort of mood where I'd rather just live my life than write about it, so I'll let the photos do the talking for now.

Striking a snazzy pose

Peppered Shrimp - one reason why I will never go raw vegan

Anniversary Wine


also classy

Outside the hotel

Returning to the scene of the crime





Fleurs in Rice Park

Rice Park

Landmark Center - always pretty


  1. Happy Anniversary- sounds like a fun anniversary date, and I love your dress!

    1. Thank you!! It was so much fun... :) The dress is from Karma on Grand Ave, they always have tons of fun dresses.

  2. I take pride in the fact that a photo I took (without your knowledge) made the blog.
    I also take pride in the whole being married to you thing :)


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