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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I kind of maybe don't hate running anymore almost

I have always had a thing against running - I just find it kind of boring.  I know cardio is important etc, but the process of actually going running has just never been fun for me.  Yoga, on the other hand, I loved the second I stepped onto my mat.  I think we are just predisposed to different types of exercise and physical activity and you have to find what works for you.  For some people, running is it.  For me, it is not.

Other than a brief period last winter when I ran on the treadmill every day while traveling in Turkey, because our hotel room was too small to do yoga and the treadmill was literally the only way to any sort of physical activity, I have fastidiously avoided running for the better part of three years.

And then for some reason I signed up for the Warrior Dash.  My co-workers talked me into it, and I agreed.  Why?  I have no idea, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the WD involves fire, barbed wire and mud crawls, which seems way more fun (to me...) than the average 5K.  Shortly after I signed up I realized that oh, I haven't run in like a year.  I should probably do something about that.

So I started running, three times a week.  At first I couldn't even finish two miles without walking.  But soon, two was no big deal.  Then three.  Now I usually run a quick two miles two or three mornings during the week, and do a longer run (3.5 miles or so) on the weekends.  Now I just need to add in some inclines so the ski hills don't kill me.

Point being, I think I am actually starting to enjoy it.  Not as much as I love yoga, but I definitely don't hate it.  I've noticed that when I run in the morning, I just feel better - it changes my attitude for the whole morning.  And today it was actually kind of fun.  Who knew.

Moving on - running requires energy, and here's some of what I've been using to fuel my workouts:

~ Garden/Ktichen ~

Found these outside after choir - the best dessert :)

Arugala, egg whites and tomatoes on toast with a sprinkle of parmasean and fresh ground pepper

Summer Squash soup of the Heidi Swanson variety

~ Last Weekend at Mango Thai ~

Fresh Mango Spring Rolls

Green Curry w/ Tofu

Beer, part of a balanced meal ;)


Well, I hope I don't die in the Warrior Dash.  It's not for another 2.5 weeks but wish me luck anyways :)


  1. Good luck in the race- and good for you for making an effort with running. I hate it too- I find it boring and I have a phobia of getting out there and then getting bored and wanting to zap myself home... so I do kickboxing for cardio (when I'm not recovering from surgery, that is...)

    1. Thanks! I am running more for fun than for time/speed, but I'm still kind of nervous. Also you were right on with the green curry at Mango Thai - it was really good!


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