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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fargo, eh?

This past weekend, after an extremely brutal bootcamp workout, Ben and I drove up to Fargo for our friend Sonja's wedding!  Sonja, better known as Sunny, has been a good friend of mine since Freshman year of college.  The first time I met her husband, Brad, was at my wedding last year, where Sunny caught the boquet...rather forcefully I might add.  A week later she and Brad were engaged!  Apparently he had already bought the ring by the time my wedding rolled around but I'm still taking credit for the whole thing.

Anyways...bootcamp on Saturday was BRU-TAL.  Brutal.  First we did a 10-minute warm up jog.  Not bad.  The rest of the workout involved sprinting up hills, doing burpies up hills, doing squat lunges up hills, side-shuffles up get the idea.  And just when I thought the worst was over, we had 20 minutes of suicides on the football field - not ordinary suicides mind you, but suicides with an "activity" interspersed at every turnaround point.  Ten jump squats, ten squat lunges, ten burpees, ten tricep dips, etc.  The burpees were the worst by far.  After bootcamp mercifully ended I was totally beat, sweaty and covered in dirt.  Perfect for a 4-hour car ride.

When we arrived in Fargo we were greeted by the lovely Linz who hosted us in her room for a bit while we waited until our room was ready for check-in.  After I'd showered and made myself presentable we all headed over to the church!  The ceremony was just lovely, the bride was gorgeous, and I especially loved Linz's musical performance...any chance to hear that girl sing :)

Linz is PUMPED

Happy times :)

Sonja and Brad - hitched!

After the ceremony we zipped over to the reception at the Plains Art Museum - a beautiful venue just a short walk from the hotel.  Linz, Ben and I had declared earlier in the day that we would be "those people" at the wedding...what that means, I'm still not sure but it definitely involved some ridiculous photos.


Good try....




The delicious dinner was of course followed by dancing!

And then the best after party ever.  We are probably the classiest people in the world.  Probably.

Tea time?  Maybe...?
Sending angry photos to friends who were not present


Well that's all I got for today!  Peace out.


  1. I love your pretty coral dress! Looks like a fun wedding!

    1. Thank you!! Francesca's :) It was a super fun wedding...I always love when weddings are like mini reunions :)


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