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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shower of Love

Yesterday was my bridal shower! I really wanted to keep the number of showers limited to one, but this meant that the one shower ended up being quite huge. The them was international/travel, centered on India and southeast Asia. My friend Alex, whose family hosted the shower, cooked up an amazing mix of Indian music and whipped up a batch of sangria, and the food was provided by Zen Asia, my parents' favorite restaurant near their house. Everything was amazing - I couldn't be more thankful for such an amazing day.

I'm really uncomfortable being the center of attention (again, not quite sure how that vocal performance major happened), so having an all-out, catered shindig complete with presents and a sparkly throne (lovingly created by one of my best friends, whose parents hosted the shower) was quite overwhelming. It made me realize how quickly our wedding day is going to go by - it was hard to have a conversation with everyone there, and it all felt like huge blur. But, the show of love and support from our friends and family was truly tremendous. I feel so blessed that Ben and I have such amazing people in our lives, and I guess this is what the wedding is really about - love, kinship and community, and a tightly bonded family of friends that will always be there for each other.


  1. How exciting! You look absolutely ravishing :) what an elegant outfit. Also, that is so incredible what your friends and family did! You are definitely special, girl :)

    XO, so excited for you!!!


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