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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Found and Lost, and Found again

There's nothing quite as fun as telling your boss, "Yeah... remember that new product powerpoint that you asked me if I had, and I was totally convinced that I had it and promised I would send it to you? ... Um I don't have it. Actually I don't think it exists."

The thing is I SWORE it existed. I would have bet anywhere from $5-$10 (I'm poor) that it was real, and that in fact I had written it, but no. Not so much.

I wondered if I had accidentally deleted it - so I searched through all my old e-mails because had I indeed finished it I DEFINITELY would have sent it to my co-worker Brad.


I wondered if perhaps it had gotten lost in the labyrinth of the common hard drive, where things are constantly mis-labeled and stored in the wrong's like if someone took my ex-boyfriend's closet (which is actually the floor of his room btw) and used that same style of organization to structure the shared folder on our network.


So today I finally discovered that I was right all along and that the powerpoint does not in fact exist.

I was informed of this by my boss who said: "Oh! I figured it out - you made a powerpoint for the OTHER new product line... "

So add that to my list of things I need to get done before August 14 when I leave my job to return to the world of academia. Score!

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