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Thursday, June 4, 2009


We did it! After 2 days of hauling furniture up and down stairs and across the river (lugging a giant dresser up 3 flights of stairs - most fun I've ever had in my life) I'm finally moved into my new apartment.

I'll have pictures soon, but my camera is out of batteries so you'll have to wait a couple days.

That being said, I won't post pictures of ALL the rooms, because my bedroom is still a giant pile of unpacked suitcases full of my clothes and unpacked sacks full of my shoes. It's pretty disastrous. I don't let many people in there.

Last night I cooked my first dinner in my new kitchen (and I mean that quite literally - it is BRAND NEW. My landlady installed a new stove and completely re-did the cabinets and counters before I moved in), and I will now take this moment to profess my undying love for the following two things: (ahem)
1) Smitten Kitchen. This is awesome and you should make it right now.
Here's a picture of mine:

2) Wusthof. I told myself I'd never spend almost $100 on a knife. I promised and crossed my heart because my rent just went up a LOT and I'm trying to save money, but also I don't own any kitchen knives and maybe I should just buy one nice one...? (this brief foray into my stream of consciousness brought to you by my 30K salary and impending tuition) Oh boy, did I make the right decision. This baby cuts asparagus like butter.

You will notice in my photo (or maybe you didn't notice so I'm telling you now) that my plate is resting not on the kitchen table where one normally eats food, but on the coffee table. This is due to the fact that I do not yet own any dining room chairs - which leads me to another list: the list of things I don't have yet.

(I like lists)

1) Dining room chairs. I actually do have some that my mom found at a used furniture store for $25 each, but I won't actually get them until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Le sigh.
2) Cable. OMG - I haven't had cable in 3 years!!! I'm so excited I can't even tell you. Needless to say I'm mostly excited that I'll finally be able to watch baseball from the comfort of my own home. The sad thing is it's summer and none of my favorite shows are on - LOST, How I met Your Mother, One Tree Hill... or scratch that. Not OTH anymore. Why you ask? Is it because I'm in my mid-20's and watching a show whose primary audience is high schoolers? No - it's because OTH jumped the shark in a major way when the dude dropped Dan's heart on the ground and A DOG ATE IT. HONESTLY.
Can we just have a moment here?
I know it was supposed to be this big dramatic moment but it was so ridiculous that all I could do was laugh. And then turn off my computer and never watch OTH again.
....OK that's really all I have to say.
Moving on.
3) Basic cooking supplies. Ben and I were cooking breakfast on Sunday and I was pretty proud of myself because I remembed to get eggs and bacon. The following conversation quickly ensued:
B: Do you have milk, maybe we could make scrambled eggs?
Me: .... nope.
(a couple minutes later)
B: Hey can you get me some butter, the eggs are kind of sticking to the pan.
Me: .....don't have any butter.
B: Salt?
Me: nope
B: Pepper?
Me: nope.

Stocking your pantry is an interesting adventure. There are many things I use all the time (baking soda, salt, baking powder, oatmeal), but they last for so long I rarely have to replace them and therefore forget to buy them, and I usually only buy butter when I'm planning on baking which I haven't done yet.

Pics soon! :)

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