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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holidays, con't

Back to work tomorrow unfortunately, but this has been a truly relaxing and delightful week off. I've been lucky enough to spend the majority of my time either curled up on the couch with a book, in a yoga class, or spending time with my wonderful husband, friends and family. I've watched a few of my favorite films, re-read Harry Potter books 1 - 6 (yay!) baked several batches of cookies, and even managed to squeeze in a few outdoor runs before the temperature inexplicably spiked to 50 before shooting back below zero, causing all of the snow to melt, then freeze into a treacherous sheet of ice over all the roads and sidewalks. Welcome to Minnesota.

Last night we went to our friend Tyler's girlfriend's place for a night of drinks, gaming and comraderie. The gaming didn't really get very far ~ everyone was too busy chatting so we managed one round of Cards Against Humanity before it was time to toast the new year. Then we devolved into pushup and pull-up contests and I answered the long pondered question of "how many pull-ups can I do while hanging off the edge of the woodwork in my friends' dining room" the answer being 2.5. This was obviously followed by a long and in-depth discussion on Neil Gaiman's novels, which quickly expanded to literature in general. And then goofy photos. Perfect night.

Skype sesh with Julianna on Christmas Day

Sinking Titanic Cookie - courtesy of Nasty Christmas

Bedecked dog, also courtesy of Nasty Christmas

Sleeping Cat

Annual family spritz bake

Double rainbow in the dining room

Re-visiting old favorites

New Years friend times

Tyler and Dani our gracious hosts

Brief but successful game of CAH

Goofiness ensues

...and continues

Happy New Year :)

Here's to a happy and wonderful 2014 ~ let's make the most of it.


  1. those cookies are legit and looks like you had a fab holiday! happy new year! i had to go back to work today too :/

  2. Your cookies are gorgeous but the highlight is definitely that titanic cookie hahaha. Looks like a fun holiday! I so love cards against humanity. Happy New Year!

    1. Haha, there are many more where that Titanic cookie came from - alien abduction cookies, hunger games cookies, hearts with inappropriate comments written on them... so Christmas-y haha :) Welcome back to the blogging, I've missed you!!


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