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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

Hey kids. Well, work has been crazy, it's super busy, we had a product launch and some minor crises and I took on a new project. I worked a ton over the weekend. Also I haven't made it home before 9:30 any night this week until tonight. Monday I went to yoga and had dinner with a friend, Tuesday I attended a recruiting event on behalf of my employer and yesterday I had choir rehearsal until 9...and then I did 2 hours of work afterwards. Ugh. Long story short I was turning into a huge pile of crabby. Not that many of these things weren't fun but sometimes a girl just needs a night on the couch.

Ben is coaching cross country this year and his team had a meet today, so I had the house to myself in the evening. I came home, walked Sidney, and crashed on the couch with a Trader Joe's frozen mini pizza, kale salad, some cookies and How I Met Your Mother season 4.

At about 8pm I thought about logging back in to do some work but then I was like ...WHY WOULD I DO THAT. And so I watched 4 more episodes of HIMYM. It was glorious.

I seriously feel like a different person...those few hours of relaxation were much needed.

Anyway, aside from being super busy, life is pretty good. I've been consistent with my 10 mile 'training' (I use that word very loosely...basically it means I've upped my milage from about 10-15 miles a week max to ~20, with one of my runs being 8-10 - SLOW - miles).

Last weekend when we weren't working, Ben and I watched the Cornetto Trilogy in its entirety: Shaun of the Dead at 11am, Hot Fuzz (my favorite) at three, and a 7pm showing of World's end. And we ate Cornettos (er, Drumsticks...the US version of Cornettos) while doing so. Best idea ever.

We also managed to have a delightful dinner at my parents house, complete with whisky tasting.

On Sunday, I got up early and baked a cake. Then Ben and I ate that cake for breakfast. I regret nothing.

Also, Early morning runs are the way to go, especially when your view looks like this:

Tomorrow is FRIDAY. And I'm working from home...and then going to the TWINS GAME. So pumped. The Twins are terrible right now which is breaking my heart, but on the flip side I am soooo close to winning a bet with Ben and my Dad. At the beginning of the season, we took wagers on how many games the Twins would lose. I picked 93 - 100 without hesitation and for a while it looked like I was being too pessimistic, but now there appears to be a chance that my dad and husband will be buying me a glass of scotch in October.

[Just so we're clear...Ben is NOT wearing a Yankees shirt in the above photo. He's wearing a homemade shirt that says 'Yankees Suck...because they are vampires'. You don't even want to know]

(can you tell I'm pumped for the weekend)


  1. yikes! i hope you get some more down time soon! i totally freak out when i don't have a couple hours to decompress. i have 2 days back to back where i just did.not.stop. and didn't even eat till 6pm one day bleh. hate those days!

    1. OMG...back to back days and no food until 6pm sounds like the worst. Pretty much the only thing that makes me crabbier than no downtime is being hungry...haha.


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