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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's happening in Istanbul - spread the word

As many of you know, I spent January 2011 in Istanbul Turkey as part of my masters program. Just yesterday, I learned of the events that have transpired in that city over the last week or so.

During the last week of May, a group came together to protest the razing of one of Istanbul's last green spaces. What began quitely and peacefully quickly escalated into violence as police turned up with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

My friends and I stayed near Taksim and walked through that square every day. It's hard to picture such terrible things happening in a place that still feels close to my heart. Turkish authorities have been actively trying to stop the word from spreading, and even Western media sites seem reluctant to comment on or reveal the full extent of police brutality involved. Below are some links to blogs and photos from Taksim Square - PLEASE read and help spread the word. Just as a heads up, some of the photos in the first link are pretty graphic.

With friends near Taksim Square, eating spiced stuffed mussels

Chatting with students at Bosphorus University


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