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Friday, April 12, 2013


So, yesterday we had a blizzard. Which I guess is understandable, it being January and all.

Wait what's that you say? It's mid-April?


Never mind.

April fools...?
Anyway...I actually drove into the office yesterday, which may have been a questionable decision. I got up at 5:30 like normal, did a 30 minute Darren Rhodes Yogaglo, showered, and looked out the window. 

At that point I carefully weighed my hatred of driving in the snow against my hatred of having to dial in remotely to 8 hours worth of meetings - and the latter won out. So I threw my meals and snacks together and was miraculously out the door by 6:45.

As I was getting ready to merge onto the highway, I saw what looked like a flicker of light in the sky...almost like...lightning?  Nope, couldn't be because there's no way snow and lightning can happen at the same time.

Incorrect. They can, and did. We had a legit snow thunderstorm...or as the kids are calling it, THUNDERNSNOW which sounds incredibly bad-ass. I can only assume that THUNDERSNOW was the result of precipitation which normally would have been rain, but turned to snow/sleet because it's so cold and the clouds were like SCREW YOU COLD, IT IS APRIL FUCKING 11TH AND WE ARE BRINGING SOME THUNDER AND LIGHTHING ALL UP IN THIS BITCH.

That is my scientific assessment, anyway.

It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work, and I accidentally hung up on everyone during a conference call I was hosting. This morning, it is also snowing. Delightful.

So...what else has been going on (besides blizzards in April).  Last weekend several of my grad-school girlfriends and I drove out to our friend Emilie's cabin for the weekend. It's a yearly tradition, but I wasn't able to make it last year because I was in California - but the year before that it was also snowing, and we grilled outside in our boots and winter coats.

This year also doubled as my friend Jill's baby shower! We spent the weekend cooking, eating the food we'd just cooked, reading, and drinking champagne (well except for Jill obviously). And since it was too gloomy and rainy for outdoor activities (although Kim and I did squeeze in a three mile run), we spent most of the evening snuggled up in the basement watching The OC Season 1. Ahhh memories.

Last night, my dad swung by to drop off our Twins tickets for today and then took us out to dinner at The Barbary Fig! This is one of my favorite local restaurants and I was super excited when they listed Lamb Shank as one of their off-the-menu specials!  I LOVE lamb shank but it's not served that often, so whenever it appears I have to sieze the moment.

SHANK. With lentiles, prunes and spiced rice. Yummm...

What else?

Last week we went to Sigur Ros!!! I've been in love with their music for years, but had never seen them live - it was so worth it. Definitely one of my top favorite shows I've ever been to. Unfortuantely, my phone died so I don't have any photos of the concert buuuuuut I do have this fascinating photo of our tickets. Yes.

Also, Sidney has been making great strides on his path to becoming a wise yogi.

Absorbing the wisdom of the Gita through osmosis

TBD if we are actually going to the Twins game tonight, since it is still snowing/sleeting. Plus, Julianna is in town for a surprise visit! So I'd say it's 90% looking like we will stay in with some pizzas and watch the game on TV...


  1. sigur ros live is a literally religious experience! i hate snow so much, i could never live where you are! pgh gets too much snow for my liking haha! also, not to make you super jealous but we have 15lbs of lamb in our fridge right now and had grilled lamb chops on the grill last night. #amazing

    1. They were so amazing!!
      I hate it too - and this is NOT normal even for MN. It's usually around 55-60 in april, not dumping buckets of snow. We got ANOTHER blizzard yesterday. Ugh. So frustrating.

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  3. I don't even care about thundersnow now because I'm reading this on a day where it was in the mid SEVENTIES- yes!!!

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  5. I can't believe it's April and there is this crazy weather everywhere! Vancouver on the otherhand has been great beacuse we've been getting a lot of sun (it rains here A LOT)... but today I cycled up to the base of one of our local ski resorts in thin performance wear and I saw people in full-on snow gear still skiing and show-shoeing and stuff. I love the verstailty here!

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