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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beer + Banana Bread = Magic

... So this happened:


But first, my day.  Unsurprisingly I came home to a flat tire....  This morning I got up early to email my boss and let him know I was working from home today, and then I took my car down two blocks to our neighborhood repair shop, and then came home and got set up at my home "office" aka the couch.
When I dropped my car off, I asked them to also give me an oil change, and to take a look and see if anything else was amiss.  Well.  That was obviously my first mistake, because they called me back a few hours later and quoted me almost $3,000 worth of work.  Lovely.
Obviously I'm taking it in for a second quote, but still...bleh.  I guess when your car gets to be 12 years old these things happen, but I always told myself that the next time I needed to pay more than $1,000 to fix my car I'd just start looking for another car.  I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that I have some decisions to make I guess :/

To top it all off, I went out over lunch and bought Mini a special treat of CANNED FOOD.  I was so excited to give it to her but apparently she was not as excited, because she totally refused to eat it.  I left her dish there for several hours, because I figured that when she got hungry she'd eat, but it went untouched until after 8pm at which point I threw it out and gave her her normal food.

Jerk.  See if I ever spend $1.29 on dinner for you again.

she eats plastic, but she will not eat cat food...

Anyways, after I finished up with work I ran a quick 2 miles, showered, walked Sid and then drove to Minneapolis for dinner and drinks at St. George and the Dragon!  This place just opened in Minneapolis and I've really been looking forward to checking it out. 

First up was the Banana Bread Beer, Just about awesome.
I really loved just about everything about this place, especially the kids book corner.  I would have LOVED this when I was little...

custom built for nerds

DRAGON BURGER.  Made with 100% real dragon.

After dinner, we kinda wanted cookies.  But, I was too lazy to bake, so Sweet Martha's frozen cookie dough to the rescue!!  I also made several attempts at getting a photo with the cookie dough, all of which were epic fails

...yeeeah... no...

still no


Oh and just thought I'd share...last week I finally got around to decorating the porch!  The furniture and the string lights are from Target, the lantern is from Patina and the trunk I've had for at least 10 years.  It was my tack trunk when I used to ride horses but now I use it to store blankets...and as a table :)

Tomorrow I'm headed into work for what turned out to be my only day in the office!  Ben has a school event tomorrow night so I'll be bacheloretting it up with the pets - maybe some yoga and baking, who knows?  Happy almost Friday!


  1. I want to check out St. George and the Dragon! and that banana bread beer- sounds interesting!

    1. Go! It is a neat spot, and the beer is delicious :)


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