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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sorry everyone... so here's what is going on in my life since I last wrote:
1) The tea did not cure my illness. I was sick for at least a week, and I actually stayed home from school for a day... I can't remember the last time I felt sick enough to stay home from either work or school but I think it might have been when I had food poisoning.
2) Ben was here! Last weekend he came to visit and we watched a lot of movies, had people over for a dinner party and watched the Twins lose to the Yankees...Ok so that last part sucked but the rest of the weekend was great.
3) I went to a 3 hour (!!) workshop on backbends this weekend with Noah Maze, and learned a ton. Full Wheel finally feels like it's supposed to (I think?) :). So yay!
4) I registered for the Net Impact conference! It's over halloween weekend, so I'll miss fun Halloween parties but I'm still really glad I am going. If you aren't familiar with Net Impact, they're an organization that focuses on corporate social responsibility and sustainability...I can't wait.
5) In an odd coincidence, it turns out that Ben will be at another conference 15 minutes from my conference...and no, we did not plan it that way. Total coincidence.

OK that's all... I have to get up early tomorrow to make scone dough so I should get some sleep.

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